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Where To Watch Dark Sanity ((1982))

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Star Rating

3.4/10 (155)

Age Rating

Not Rated


A woman with psychic visions and an alcoholic past moves into a house where the previous occupant was mysteriously decapitated, and soon suspects the visions she’s seeing are her own future.

Dark Sanity ((1982))

Box Office

Official Sites: Horror Video Country: USA Language: English Also Known As: Straight Jacket

Technical Specs

Runtime: 88 min (video) Color: Color

Did You Know?

Trivia Aldo Ray may have been paid for this role, but none of the other actors ever saw a dime. There were contracts signed, but the producer and director disappeared shortly after shooting was done. After no news for many years, the cast learned that the movie was at last available on video. Connections Featured in Movie Macabre: Straight Jacket