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Where To Watch Tanglewoods’ Secret ((1980))

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Star Rating

6.1/10 (36)

Age Rating

Not Rated


Patricia St John’s warm story about Philip and Ruth in 1940s England. They have set their hearts on a second-hand camera, which will greatly increase the quality of their nature study notes… See full summary »

Tanglewoods' Secret ((1980))

Box Office

Country: UK Language: English Release Date: 1980 (UK)

Technical Specs

Runtime: 66 min Color: Color

Did You Know?

Quotes [first lines] [Ruth is lying in bed as Philip comes into her room, sits on her bed and reaches inside a sock] Philip: [as Ruth excitedly tries to feel the contents of the sock] Careful! [Philip takes out a bun covered with white icing and gives it to Ruth] Ruth: [excitedly taking the bun] Philip! [Ruth starts eating the bun] Ruth: [happily] What else did you have for supper? Philip: I’m afraid we had meatballs, but they weren’t very nice so you didn’t miss much.


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